Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Fund

Forrest Schweiger, son of Advanced American Diving Service co-founder Konrad Schweiger, lost his life in a construction accident in 1999 at age 26. To honor and commemorate Forrest, Advanced American Construction, Inc. of Oregon City, OR, formed the Forrest L. Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Fund. With the untimely death of Konrad Schweiger on April 11th, 2002, the Fund's name was changed to the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Fund.

The Fund provides annual scholarships to applicants wishing to pursue educational excellence in construction and construction-related fields.

The Memorial Fund awards annual scholarships to selected students at the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Awards Banquet each Spring.

Thanks to the generous financial contributions received from our friends, 181 scholarships, totaling $467,000, have been awarded since the program began.

Recent News

Annual scholarship fund for fallen construction worker honors 12 students
by DJC STAFF, Daily Journal of Commerce, April 7, 2008

Portland company's scholarship boosts industry, recruits workers
by Libby Tucker, Daily Journal of Commerce, January 4, 2007

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In Memory...
"Despite the overwhelming sadness we all still feel for the loss of Forrest, we are pleased to see the profound positive impact Forrest's memory is already having on so many lives."

Dee Burch
Advanced American Construction, Inc.

2014 Schweiger Memorial Scholarship recipients

Recipients Share their Gratitude

"The message of the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship helps keep me motivated to do my best in school and reminds me that perseverance and keeping a positive attitude is what I need to focus on to achieve my career goals.  Forrest and his father, Konrad Schweiger is on of the many reasons why I want to be involved in  a construction-related field of work.  To be able to work with amazing people like them while helping my community is my dream career and hopefully I will be in a position to someday help others who are pursuing the same dream." - Tasha Petermann, 2012 and 2013
"Recieving the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship and the community of generous donors that come along with it, is invaluable to my education and future career in the construction industry." - Jason Powell, 2011-2013
"I just wanted to thank you for everything.  I had such a great time at the awards dinner.  I am truly honored to be a part of your company's tradition, and I feel so fortunate and blessed to be the top award winner this year." - Megan O'Connor, 2009 and 2010

"It was really neat for my grandparents to see what a family the construction industry is. I love that this is what the Schweiger Scholarship represents, a family of people who advocate for the education of others. It is truly an honor to be part of it all." - Eryn Kelly, 2008

“The awards dinner adds personality and accountability to the scholarship…learning about Konrad and Forrest Schweiger, adds emotion and motivation…and propels me to strive for excellence.” - Joseph Henry, 2007

“Overall, this award has been an immeasurable blessing to my life both for academic reasons as well as for my future career choices.” - Colby LeClaire, 2007

"I believe it is my responsibility to achieve at the highest level I can in order to proudly represent the Schweiger family." - Jared Hargens, 2006

"There is an unsurpassed level of reassurance to know that people in the industry are behind you and support you in your construction education." - Jake Sannan, 2006

"With the financial assistance of this scholarship, I will be able to focus more of my energy towards enhancing my education rather than worrying about means of paying for it." - Monica Blanchard, 2006

"With the assistance of the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship, I know I will have the ability to go above and beyond the expectations of involving myself and others in projects that will not only better all of us as engineers, but also the community, the construction industry, and society. - Adrienne Nikolic, 2005

"With this scholarship, I will be that much closer to obtaining my degree in business and furthering my engineering work and education today, for the future tomorrow." - Sara Jackson, 2005

"In receiving this scholarship from the great people that have supported the Schweiger Scholarship, it has encouraged me from the beginning to continue my education to a higher level when I was in doubt." - Andrey Chernishov, 2004

"You have done a great job in supporting the dreams of many young students, and with that you have truly strengthened the future of construction." - Kevin Linderman, 2004

"As a recipient of this scholarship, I would benefit in many ways. I would have the freedom of a financial burden. I would have more confidence in myself knowing that others believe in me. But most of all, I would be greatly honored to receive a scholarship bearing the Schweiger name." - Sandra Rogers, 2004

"It is great to be recognized by a scholarship organization, but as the Master Card people say, being recognized by a scholarship organization already established in the industry I aspired to become a part of is priceless." - Cole Olsen, 2003

"Receiving a scholarship shows that someone believes in you and is willing to invest in your future." - Seth Williamson, 2003

"This scholarship is a challenge to be better, work harder, and give all life's aspirations one hundred and ten percent." - Jake Duyck, 2003

Applications and Additional Information

Scholarships have been awarded for 2013-2014.  Please check back periodically for information on upcoming 2014-2015 application details.

Please mail the original application to:

Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Fund
c/o Advanced American Construction, Inc.
P.O. Box 83599
Portland, OR 97283


For additional information on the Schweiger Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact us at 503-445-9000, or use our contact form.

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